About us

We are Tiziana Palanca and Peter Crielaard living in Purmerend, a city near Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

It all began when searching for our first dog together. Tizi who always had dogs from childhood on, wished to have a dog again and share the same passion with Peter; it took around 3 years to convince him.

Since Tizi has always been a Japan fan and already knew a bit about the Japanese breeds, the search for our first dog was on. Unfortunately when Peter wants to have something, he needs it fast, preferably yesterday.

It was a quiet Sunday when Peter found the website of a breeder in Friesland where pups were still available.
So we drove to Friesland that same afternoon and visited the breeder (of White Cansitor) and – as expected – we right away fell in love, no way back.
After many visits to Friesland we finally could take Toshiro with us home, and boy was he screaming in the car …. a 2 hour long drive became a torture!
After our first Shiba Toshiro we wished to have a companion for him when he was alone at home and soon Suka came into the pack.
At that time we participated at some dog shows with Toshiro, and we got in contact with the owners from Foxy Bee Kennel. Shortly after we met Jacobine Broekhuizen.
Needless to say, by that time we had the growing wish to also have puppies of our own, but with the dogs we had until now, this could not be done.
We therefore thank Jacobine and her family to give us the opportunity and help to build up our own kennel and receive their wonderful dogs Kenta, Tsubaki, Haruka, Natsu and Yuri.

Why this breed? Because we want dogs with an attitude, each dog having their own quirky traits, challenging us to keep improving. Plus their foxy faces are just a big plus, the ears, the tail, the fluffy coat. We would not change the type of breed we have for anything in the world.
We are breeding by following the rules of the Dutch Kennel Club(Raad van beheer) including all necessary health checks.